NetApp Cloud Tiering Lab

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Solution Overview

Intelligent Data Growth Management

NetApp Cloud Tiering leverages native ONTAP FabricPool technology to move infrequently accessed data to power tier object storage in the cloud. This frees up capacity on-prem to lower cost storage in the cloud. Cloud Tiering offers centralized automation, monitoring, reports and management of multiple on-prem clusters with various tiering requirements.


  • Automated setup and management leveraging Cloud Manager as a broker
  • Single pane of glass management across multiple on-prem ONTAP clusters
  • Reporting to display hot / cold data percentages and cost saving estimates
  • Tiering health status for simplified visibility of status


Works with

  • On-prem ONTAP with an all SSD aggregate
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob
  • Google Storage


Goals & Objectives

This is one of a five part lab series that provide hands on access to the following NetApp Cloud Data Services.

  1. Cloud Manager
  2. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  3. Cloud Backup Service
  4. Cloud Data Sense
  5. Cloud Tiering

By accessing this lab you will better understand the features and functionality of Netapp Cloud Tiering.

Hardware & Software


  • AFF A300


  • AFF A300


  • Cloud Manager (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Backup Service (AWS and Azure)
  • NetApp Cloud Data Sense (AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Cloud Tiering (AWS, Azure, and GCP)