We enable our clients to 'see around the corners,' accelerate and de-risk new technology introductions globally to deliver business outcomes at the speed of digital

Global Financial Transformation Services

We understand the most complex and common challenges facing financial organizations today.

As a solution provider to over 40 of the world's largest banks and 78 of the Fortune 100, we are in unique position to understand the digital transformation services trends across global financial services.

Our services expertise includes: Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering, Design Thinking and Agile Development, Machine Learning, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Resourcing. These capabilities are supported by our mega innovation lab (ATC), our program management office and our operations and deployment management command center.

The WWT idea to outcome difference

Our end-to-end, "idea to outcome" approach is based on a holistic opportunity development strategy that combines business alignment, end user experience (and design thinking), technology architecture, cyber-security resiliency and operations. 

This approach encompasses IT architecture design, system integration, infrastructure deployment at scale as well as day 2 support and, in some instances, managed services.

Anti-fragile: our leading-edge investment in innovation enables us to help our clients 'see around the corners. 'Additionally, WWT's built for change approach to technology integration, incorporating Agile and DevOps principles, ensures our customers are prepared to adapt or respond to changes, even those hard to anticipate.

We deliver end-to-end solutions

Leveraging our Idea to Outcome methodology, WWT has the ability to quickly transition from strategy development to strategy execution. Our methodology provides a process for turning an organization's vision into a fully architected solution that can be deployed at scale.

Our approach is built upon a set of differentiated assets including:

Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

A mega innovation lab with over $800M in investments where we are constantly testing leading edge Technology Solutions, running Proof of Concepts and certifying new solutions before implementing them in our clients' environment (1000+ each year)


Digital Design and Agile Application Development Group

With deliverables covering a broad spectrum from mobile and web apps to infrastructure automation, DevOps and cloud migration



Extensive OEM Network


With a network of 4000+ OEM partners including 300+ strategic OEMs many of which in our ATC, WWT's breadth of perspective and our ability to design solutions that leverage multiple OEMs and are truly client-centric is unequaled in the industry


Deep Engineering Talent Pool


Covering the areas of Networking, Compute, Storage, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Service Ops and Machine Learning



WWT Services Portfolio

WWT's services portfolio is aligned with the transformation demands that Digital Business Acceleration is placing on all FSI organizations. This requires the ability to:

  • Accelerate modernization and constant evolution of technology assets globally
  • Enable a consistent on-demand IT consumption model across 'virtualized' legacy and hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure environments
  • Introduce and leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the management of IT Operations and constant improvement of user experience
  • Up-skill the IT organization through the infusion of talent and hands-on training


Branch Networking Transformation

Data Center Network

Transformation (NGDC)

Cloud Networking

Network Automation



VDI e.g. Horizon

Mobility e.g. Workspace One

Office and M365

Connected Real Estate

Contact Center (Cisco)


C&S / Cloud / IAC

DevOps / Agile Infrastructure 

Infrastructure Automation

Workload Cloud Suitability

Nextgen Engineered Systems

Application Dependency Mapping



Endpoint / Patching / Tanium


Compliance (NIST, Reg)

Network Segmentation / Zero Trust

Cloud Security



DevOps / Agile

AppDev Infra-as-Code

AppDev UX

Application Performance Management (AppD)



WWT vetted

Reach back into WWT engineering centers of Excellence

Reach back into WWT Labs

WWT consultant support



Evaluations / Certifications

Innovation Lab-as-a-Service

Innovation Lab Outsourcing

SPA / ELA Support



Enterprise Architecture

AI infrastructure / AI Platform

Observability / AIOPS

Cloud suitability / Cloud Migration


Execution at scale

In 2020, WWT delivered over half a billion USD in Services across thousands of services projects covering the spectrum from strategy and architecture design to lab tests/certifications and global deployments.  Additionally, we delivered services to 32 countries across 5 continents and our global footprint continues to grow with the goal to expand to 34 countries in 2021.

Our global workforce includes over 2500 services professionals (consultants, engineers, developers and project managers) and 1000+ contractors and strategic staffing resources with expertise spanning across 300+ OEM partners


We leverage 300+ OEM partners, including these services providers:

The State and Future of Financial Services with WWT's AVP of Digital Transformation Philip Farah