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Fully Integrated Cloud Backup and Restore Service

NetApp Cloud Backup is an add-on service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP that protects and archives your data to low-cost object storage. Managed by Cloud Manager, Cloud Backup provides additional resiliency and flexibility by creating a copy of volume data on object storage that can be restored to an alternate Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment in the region or back to an on-premises ONTAP storage system. After the initial backup, all additional backups are incremental so that only changed blocks are transferred and backed up.


  • Back up independent copies of your data volumes to low-cost object storage.
  • Back up from cloud to cloud, and from on-premises ONTAP systems to public or private cloud.
  • Backup data is secured with AES-256 bit encryption at-rest and TLS 1.2 HTTPS connections in-flight.
  • Support for up to 4,000 backups of a single volume.
  • Backups can be stored in the same or different region as your Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.
  • Restore data from a specific point in time.
  • Restore a volume or individual files to the source system or to a different system.
  • Browsable file catalog for single file restore.


Supported working environments and object storage providers

Cloud Backup enables you to back up volumes from the following working environments to object storage in the following cloud providers:

Source Working EnvironmentBackup File Destination
Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWSAmazon S3
Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AzureAzure Blob
Cloud Volumes ONTAP in GoogleGoogle Cloud Storage
On-premises ONTAP systemAmazon S3
Azure Blob
Google Cloud Storage
NetApp StorageGRID

You can restore a volume, or individual files, from a backup file to the following working environments:

Backup File LocationDestination Working Environment
 Volume RestoreFile Restore
Amazon S3Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS
On-premises ONTAP system
Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS
On-premises ONTAP system
Azure BlobCloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure
On-premises ONTAP system
Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure
On-premises ONTAP system
Google Cloud StorageCloud Volumes ONTAP in Google
On-premises ONTAP system
NetApp StorageGRIDOn-premises ONTAP system 

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