Align IoT investments to your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become a disruptive force reshaping industries and dramatically changing business processes. The actionable insight from the integration of devices and sensors with software and analytics is driving change across all industries. From large global enterprises to government agencies, companies want to take advantage of the power of IoT.

Taking a Holistic Approach to IoT

The key to a successful IoT strategy is to take a holistic approach. Many IoT initiatives rush to deploy technology and fail to align to the business. From the very beginning, WWT works hand-in-hand with our customers through a series of consultative ideation sessions and workshops to solicit ideas and jointly create the outcomes the business is trying to achieve. From there, we collaborate with our clients to design, build and ultimately deploy the IoT solution.

WWT is unique in our ability to drive an idea to outcome by having broad industry and technology expertise that spans idea generation, sensor integration, infrastructure modeling, big data analytics and application development. During this process, clients have access to world-class infrastructure, engineers, software developers, UI/UX experts, management consultants and data scientists.

WWT’s Core IoT Capabilities


An accelerator of our approach is our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) where we can prove out the feasibility of the IoT solution and outline an implementation plan to ensure success when deployed into production.
Within our ATC, we’ve done some heavy lifting to simplify the entire process by creating multiple end-to-end IoT architectures that customers can evaluate. These IoT architectures include sensors and devices that collect data, networking infrastructure, storage and computing hardware, Hadoop databases, analytics software and visualization tools. Our reference architectures include best practices that we’ve learned through the years and demonstrate a variety of critical variables—and
the possibilities—to consider when integrating and deploying IoT solutions into a dynamic environment.

Customers can access hundreds of different hardware and software solutions made virtually accessible on-demand, 24/7 through our ATC Portal.

Our IoT Partnerships

By incorporating today’s IoT leaders into our broad partner ecosystem, we can show customers how multiple hardware and software options can function in their environments. More than any other solution we develop, our partnerships are crucial in helping our customers achieve outcomes from the IoT.

Our Experience

Combining data science, application development and infrastructure expertise, with the labs in our Advanced Technology Center, we have successfully delivered IoT projects for customers across multiple industries. From healthcare, manufacturing and utilities to innovative startups, we have leveraged our organizational scale with cutting-edge products from both emerging technology players and established manufacturers to bring new business offerings to market for our customers. Here are a few examples:

Let us show you how our methodology of focusing on business outcomes accelerates the use of your IoT technology investments.

  • Brownfield Modernization Demonstration Brochure

    To make brownfield modernization real for our customers and partners, we integrated an external Ethernet card into a 2004 six-axis Mitsubishi robotic arm.
  • Mobile Field Kit Overview

    WWT’s Mobile Field Kit is a fixed or portable threat monitoring system that can be used to secure the perimeter of the places of interest.
  • Fleet Management- Connected Transportation

    On-board connectivity and connected vehicles are making fleet management a reality and providing benefits such as preventative maintenance and analytics.
  • IoT Overview Brochure

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become a disruptive force reshaping industries and dramatically changing business processes. See how we help organizations across industries implement IoT solutions, from idea to outcome.