MPLS and Segment Routing

Benefit from the highly-reliable connections and improved bandwidth capacity of simpler, more robust networks.

Are You Ready for MPLS and Segment Routing?

Network downtime is a non-starter when it comes to mission-critical services and systems. MPLS provides reliable connections for real-time applications over a dedicated network. Segment Routing does the same but is less complex and easier to operate. The migration to Segment Routing is imminent. We have the tools and resources to guide you through the process.

How Do I Get Started?

MPLS and Segment Routing offer tremendous advantages, but are complex and require configurations to deploy effectively. We offer end-to-end, carrier-grade networking solutions. Our comprehensive network evaluation, high- and low-level designs and implementation services accelerate time to revenue while reducing operating costs.

Business models are rapidly changing as organizations adopt more digitally savvy strategies, spurring the need to deploy multi-vendor solutions that enable agility and scalability. Leverage our technical expertise to educate your organization on MPLS or Segment Routing, and use our Advanced Technology Center to test and validate multi-OEM solutions.
The complexity of MPLS and Segment Routing networks can make designing such solutions a challenge. Our Advanced Technology Center can replicate large network architectures, allowing you to make sure solutions work as intended when deployed to the field. 
Assembling MPLS and Segment Routing solutions, which typically arrive on-site in disparate packages, can be arduous and take days to piece together. Our staging services configure and ship fully built solutions, leaving you the simple steps of plugging in and powering on. Additional supply chain services help ensure a smooth deployment process.
Segment Routing is the future of MPLS and is here to stay. Modern networks demand application control and Segment Routing can give operators the tools they need. We tap a network of experienced and trusted partners for field deployment and staff augmentation.
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