MPLS and Segment Routing

Benefit from the highly-reliable connections and improved bandwidth capacity of simpler, more robust networks.

Are You Ready for MPLS and Segment Routing?

MPLS is designed for mission-critical network workloads at a global scale. MPLS has evolved over the decades allowing networks to provide multi-tenancy and traffic steering capabilities without the need of additional overlay networks. Segment Routing is the evolution of this technology providing greater benefits with increased simplicity when designing and operating the network. Explore the content below and engage with us to help you capture the benefits this technology provides for your business.
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How Do I Get Started?

MPLS and Segment Routing offer unique advantages to your business to consolidate and manage networks in a carrier-grade, multi-service and multi-tenant segmented architecture. These technologies require a different set of skills and tools than traditional IT networks. The resources below will help you explore the benefits of Segment Routing and where we can help you on the journey to this new technology.
MPLS and Segment Routing are key technology foundations of large scale networks that run mission-critical applications. Our customers look to these technologies to help their business be more agile and scalable to ever increasing digitalization and bandwidth demands. These resources will help you understand the fundamentals of MPLS and Segment Routing and our offerings to assist you in evaluating the best path for your business.
The evolution to Segment Routing requires changes in your network configuration and design including options to embrace software defined networking natively in the network. Planning the design of the network and understanding the configuration changes necessary can be challenging in today's fast paced environments. Leverage our Advanced Technology Center labs and experts to help you accelerate the transition to Segment Routing.
Evolving to a new technology on a large scale network can be extremely challenging. Experience in planning and executing large scale projects coupled with meticulous project management is a requirement in today's globally connected world. We have a number of services capabilities to assist in every phase of the transition to help you confidently move your business forward.
Networks today require an understanding of how hardware, software, orchestration and subscriptions work in your environment to enable new architectures such as Segment Routing especially in multi-vendor environments. Explore how WWT can assist with testing and lab services all the way through helping manage the full hardware, software and adoption lifecycle of your network.

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