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Speed Thrills: The All-Flash FAS Enhanced FlexPod


This short video provides an entertaining look at the history of FlexPod and WWT’s role in the initial development and ongoing enhancements.

For IT organizations, the traditional approach to designing, deploying, managing and maintaining infrastructure presents a formidable challenge. That’s where the concept of a converged infrastructure (CI) platform shines – offering a fully integrated, pre-validated system that combines compute, storage, network and virtualization elements into a single pool of resources that is engineered, integrated and supported as a unified system. WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) has NetApp’s FlexPod as well as other leading converged infrastructure solutions.

As a WWT Technical Solutions Architect covering NetApp technology, I have seen steady technology advances within FlexPod over the past few years. Most recently, NetApp introduced an All-Flash FAS storage-based FlexPod. The performance gains from using high-speed, all-flash storage is simply astounding. This, in turn, provides IT organizations with the agility to respond to business demands quickly and deploy new services faster. And with flash memory approaching spinning disk pricing, it’s now possible to achieve ultra-high-performance in a cost effective fashion.

One important item not mentioned in the video is the fact that our ATC has both FlexPod Data center as well as FlexPod Select available to demo and test in proofs of concept. FlexPod Select is purpose-built for dedicated data-intensive workloads and our instance is running under Red Hat Enterprise Linux. FlexPod Data center is designed for core enterprise data centers and service providers and our instance in the ATC runs VMware vCloud Director for deployment, automation and management.