Cloud Data Management Workshop

8 hours

Today, most organizations leverage the cloud in one fashion or another. Whether it's building cloud-native applications, lifting and shifting traditional data center applications to cloud infrastructure services or using cloud-based software, it's important to have a data-centric strategy that enables you to unleash the value and power of the data you generate. 

What to Expect

This workshop provides an overview of the cloud storage portfolio of data services and data management. Learn how the various offerings in the market and World Wide Technology can help you implement a strategy that spans private, public and hybrid clouds to deliver a cohesive and optimized architecture.

  • Explore IaaS tailored services
  • Explore PaaS tailored services
  • See how you can deploy and manage hybrid infrastructure models
  • Walk away with a tailored environment that fits your Cloud Data Management needs

Goals & Objectives

Through this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the most common use cases for cloud storage in hybrid environments such as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), backups and archival to the cloud, and tiering of inactive data to cloud storage. You will learn about the benefits of NetApp's cloud data services and how to leverage them to build better hybrid and cloud-native applications and infrastructures. 

Please review the framework below for how this engagement will proceed. The workshop allotted time will focus on the "Discovery" portion of the framework.

Technology topics explored during this workshop:

  • ISV and cloud marketplace storage solutions
  • Cloud-native storage offerings from file, block and object
  • Various tools to help with authentication, authorization and security
  • Understand how automation via Terraform and Ansible are utilized from Day 0 → Day 2
  • Define the need for governance and compliance with your data


  • Learn how colocation can help you solve data sovereignty concerns
  • Understand how to monitor and make sense of your storage consumption in the cloud
  • Utilize automation and orchestration with data services in the cloud
  • Understand the majority of features presented by ISV or cloud-native data services

What's next?

Learn more about Cloud Data Management, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.