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WWT & Dell Driving Digital Transformation for the Financial Services Sector

We understand the complex challenges financial organizations face every day.

WWT has decades of experience supporting many of the world’s largest financial services and banking organizations.

With 25+ years of partnership experience with Dell Technologies, WWT has the resources and tools to simplify the complexities that arise with digital transformation.

WWT Scales Globally

World map indicating WWT's global reach for sales, integration centers and operations.


Dell Solution Focus Areas

Financial IT Transformation

WWT helps global financial institutions modernize IT infrastructure to deliver experiences that exceed customer and staff expectations. We accomplish this through our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) — a collaborative ecosystem featuring thousands of IT engineers, hundreds of application developers, and unmatched labs for testing and deploying Dell solutions at scale.

Highlights include:

  • Cloud solutions with intrinsic security
  • Connected corporate and branch experiences
  • Agile frameworks

Products: VCF, VxRail, PowerMax, PowerScale, PowerStore, Unity, Data Domain, PowerEdge, MX Series

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Financial Workspace Services 

Enable employees to work from anywhere while maintaining security, creating high-quality end-user experiences and streamlining IT resources and management. WWT and Dell are uniquely positioned to provide edge-to-core-to-cloud solutions that keep your employees engaged and delivering value.

Highlights include:

  • High-performance user experiences 
  • Enhanced user, data, app and endpoint security 
  • Streamlined IT resources and improved productivity

Products: VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell's VxRail

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Financial Cyber Resilience

Don’t let a cyber attack bring you down or risk your customers' sensitive data. By programmatically testing the integrity of backup data and isolating its flow, organizations can recover when systems are compromised. Restore your critical data from breaches with Dell's Power Protect & Cyber Recovery solutions.

Highlights include:

  • Mature solution with multi-layered security
  • Automated, orchestrated operation with a modern user interface
  • Isolated, operational air gap for data vaulting

Products: Data Protection Suite, Power Protect Data Domain Series, Cyber Recovery Solutions

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Our Work

Learn how WWT and Dell Technologies have used our combined expertise to help some of the biggest financial services organizations.

Dell Technologies in the ATC

WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a collaborative ecosystem where customers can explore how Dell Tech products fit into integrated architectural solutions that accelerate digital transformation. As a software-defined next-gen data center accessible from anywhere in the world, the ATC features hands-on access to 150+ Dell solutions valued at more than $300 million, including:

Connect with our Financial Services experts

Our global Financial Services experts, along with our consultants, engineers and architects, work with the largest financial institutions in the world to adopt and monetize innovative technology and transformational experiences for their end customers.

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