Sean Doyle works on the WWT global engineering team as a Cloud Platform Architect engaged in driving WWT’s Multicloud strategy forward. He has taken on an automation integration role, providing custom automation solutions for customers, as well as assisting in new and emerging technologies. Sean was recently selected as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network (APN) Ambassador, one of the select few in the world. We sat down with Sean Doyle to gain further insight on what exactly an AWS APN Ambassador does, how it can affect engagement with customers, and how this impacts WWT.

Q&A with Sean Doyle

What does an AWS APN ambassador do?

AWS APN Ambassadors exhibit technical expertise and depth within the AWS Platform and actively contribute their technical knowledge to the community by contributing to white papers, blog posts, public speaking, training engagements and innovation.

How did you become involved in this?

I was nominated by my manager, Long Le. To be a part of the program, you must be nominated by another Ambassador or an AWS resource. When I first got into learning about cloud technologies, AWS was at the top of my list. Multiple certifications later, I am a big fan of AWS and the multitude of services it has to offer. To be able to communicate and actively participate to the growing community of cloud technologists is very exciting. While I enjoy building out AWS solutions, I really enjoy advising and empowering people to use them as well. Being named as an APN AWS ambassador will be a great motivation to continue doing so and to deliver great solutions to our customers, and to the community at large.

How will being an AWS APN ambassador help you when engaging on customer projects?

As an APN ambassador, I am able to gain insight into various AWS technologies as well as reach into the APN ambassador community and APN for answers, resources and materials to help customer projects succeed.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be an AWS APN ambassador?

Working with WWT has given me a broad scope into various technologies within the enterprise, along with the opportunity to expand my enterprise level technical expertise to automation, devops and cloud technologies. With a solid background in enterprise infrastructure and infrastructure automation, it was a natural progression to learn about the cloud and how it can be utilized to assist customers and drive business outcomes.

For more about Sean, including how he got into technology and what excites him about cloud, check out his profile

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