Use WWT’s On-demand Labs to Determine the Right SD-WAN Solution for You

Work with WWT experts to compare multiple SD-WAN vendors to confidently make the choice that both optimizes costs and strengthens your network’s security posture.

Explore SD-WAN solutions from Cisco, VMware and Silver Peak

The WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is an interactive showcase representing the best technology companies in the world. The ATC offers a multi-vendor environment where customers can validate and compare solutions real-time with access to the latest technologies though demonstrations, trainings, on-demand labs and education offered by our team of engineering experts. Recently, the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) team has been laser focused on developing hands-on capabilities around three leading vendors— Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela), Silver Peak and VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud— so we can help our customers choose the best solution for their unique environments.

Use our on-demand labs

Our on-demand lab environment gives you broad hands-on exposure to the leading SD-WAN vendors. Accompanying the labs are demo videos that are a great way to explore the lab and get a feel for the overall solution. Or you can use them after you have completed the lab to validate your learning or answer any questions if you get stuck along the way! Check out our Cisco SD-WAN demo video series below:

Watch these demo videos to help guide you through the labs.

How can these labs help your organization?

Every week, WWT helps organizations negotiate the crowded field of SD-WAN vendors. One customer recently approached WWT after their own researched yielded a list of 40 possible SD-WAN solutions. They were struggling internally with evaluating each solution. Taking our customer’s environment and ultimate business objectives into account, WWT SD-WAN engineers narrowed the list to three. Using the capabilities of the ATC, we tested the finalists and empowered the customer to determine a solution that not only integrates within their environment but provides the best path for them to achieve their IT and business goals.

As that organization well knows, the SD-WAN market is rapidly maturing with new vendors and features that are quickly becoming available. It is important to have the ability to test new features as part of the technology selection process. Since there are multiple leading vendors in the SD-WAN space, the WWT engineering team built on-demand labs based on the same foundation to allow for easy comparison of the solutions. WWT builds these self-service lab environments so WWT, customer and partner engineers can learn critical components of building, troubleshooting and operating a product based on requested test cases, but in a protected environment.


The on-demand labs are built using the same network topology that consist of a single data center with dual routers and three branch sites. Branch 1 has dual routers, while branches 2 and 3 have a single router with dual WAN connections. There is simulated WAN connectivity for both MPLS and Internet connections that even provides access to the public Internet. A traffic impairment tool allows for the user to test policy by interjecting delay, latency and/or loss on a particular connection.

Figure 1: Cisco SD-WAN On-demand Lab Topology Diagram

Accessing the labs

Cisco Viptela

Silver Peak

VMware VeloCloud

Experiencing the labs

The SD-WAN on-demand labs are delivered virtually using a standard web browser. Once the lab is launched, you can access the environment using the link to RDP directly to the management workstation. This workstation provides access to the SD-WAN management dashboard as well as connections to workstations that are located at each branch site. Please refer to the lab guide for details about the specific environment.

Figure 2: Cisco SD-WAN Management Workstation


Our team just released updates to the Cisco SD-WAN on-demand lab that supports the latest stable software available from Cisco that includes zone-based firewall support. Additionally, the lab has been expanded to include a more advanced policy and service VPN design that includes a restricted VPN and a Guest VPN that showcases direct Internet access (DIA) capabilities. The most recent update from Cisco includes advanced security features as well as a network design tool. These features will be released soon in a new lab that is currently in development.

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