WWT provides optimized data center solutions for solving the most complex business problems, based on a foundation of Intel® technologies from leading OEMs like Cisco, Dell and HPE.  Most servers at the heart of our on-prem solutions, as well as the great majority of data centers and cloud service providers, are powered by the latest Intel® technologies.

Intel & WWT: Modernizing the data center

Intel Data Center

Intel Solutions

Intel architecture is a fundamental element of nearly everything we do at WWT including cloud-ready data centers powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family processors and revolutionary memory and storage technologies.

Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hyperconverged solutions

Software defined storage solutions

Advanced networking

Why WWT for Intel Solutions

Consulting Services

Whether you need help strategizing and implementing enterprise architecture, solidifying your segmentation business case, assessing the risks and maturity of your current approach, improving operational efficiencies or building and executing a plan to fill gaps — we can help. Our services range from briefings, assessments and workshops to long-term consulting and technical engagements.

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Implementation Services

Our Advanced Services team helps equips organizations with their new technology as quickly as possible to start driving outcomes. Through our proven methodologies and global integration and logistics capabilities, we offer a broad set of deployment solutions for Intel powered solutions.

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Integration Services

With more than four million square feet of space on three continents, we are positioned to provide robust logistics and life-cycle management internationally. Services range from basic, just-in-time logistics to configuration and staging. Networking-specific offerings include imaging and configuration, asset management and rack integration. In addition, process automation allows us to integrate with customer systems for seamless device delivery and management.

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Lab Services

Intel architecture forms the foundation for more than 95% of customer solutions in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Leveraging the ATC, we are able to showcase the latest Intel® processors, network interface cards, SSDs, software and other technologies.

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Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) are designed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional IT infrastructure to offer the accelerated delivery of consistent data center services. Despite the performance gains, some organizations have been hesitant to adopt a SDDC environment. Learn about the pros and cons of SDDC and whether this approach may fit your organization.

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