WWT is in lockstep with NetApp's data-driven and digital transformation vision of "Data Fabric" — delivering your data where you want it and when you want it. We can help customers deliver a seamless hybrid multicloud experience through NetApp's cloud data solutions.

NetApp & WWT: Multicloud & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

NetApp Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud

NetApp Solutions

We provide a range of NetApp solutions to support our customers' multicloud and hybrid cloud needs:


Run and scale business-critical enterprise apps in your cloud of choice with the performance and advanced data management features typically reserved for on-premises storage environments. NetApp cloud storage solutions enable organizations to extend their data footprint anywhere organizations want to grow.

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Service
  • Azure NetApp Files


Identify waste and proactively optimize infrastructure to meet business and application demand. Whether it's idle, orphaned or simply overprovisioned resources, NetApp's resource optimization suite of products helps provide insights and remediation for storage as well as compute resources.

  • Cloud Insights
  • Cloud Data Sense
  • Spot by NetApp
  • Astra


Manage and orchestrate application-driven infrastructure across your cloud of choice. Whether it's management of data services, virtual instances, container applications or virtual desktops, NetApp provides simple management solutions to help reduce costs and manage infrastructure.

  • Cloud Manager
  • Virtual Desktop Service
  • Astra


Integrate, secure and connect your application data across hybrid cloud environments with centralized control and visibility. NetApp services extend your data where you need it with actionable intelligence on insider threats and regulatory compliance. 

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