Improving cloud performance with application optimization

WWT’s application-centric approach, combined with Google Cloud capabilities, creates a compelling combination for enterprise customers. WWT with Google Cloud Platform focuses on improving cloud performance with application optimization for environment suitability, specific app placement, and in some cases, redevelopment to align resources for the desired end state. Enterprises will experience the best-in-class infrastructure engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet.

Cloud enables innovation and is a primary vehicle for enterprise transformation. Every organization’s journey will be different, but each must innovate and evolve, and WWT and Google Cloud will be there to help. WWT’s business outcome-focused approach leverages our partner relationships and expertise with security, network, data management, software development, big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide our customers with trusted consulting and engineering resources to help accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Why WWT for Google Cloud Platforms?

WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) allows customers to explore real-world challenges they are facing in their environments. WWT has a secure connection to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) so our customers can test, design and validate private, public and multicloud architectures.

In partnership with Cisco, WWT is building a Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud at the ATC to offer customers hands on access to integrated Cisco and Google technologies. WWT’s extensive experience and capabilities across networking, data center, security and DevOps uniquely position us to show the unique value of Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud. We are working side by side with Cisco and Google to deploy the full solution within our ATC this fall. When complete, it will be the premier location for customers to learn, evaluate and design a Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud architecture to accelerate their multicloud journeys.