Agriculture Agency Bridges Employee Gap With Conference Rooms of the Future

Collaboration demos illustrate ease of use and capabilities of video teleconferencing solution.


A large agriculture agency looking to decrease travel and bridge the gap between regional offices, turned to WWT to improve collaboration by creating conference rooms of the future. The agency not only needed to introduce video conferencing to connect their widely dispersed workforce, but also wanted to simplify management and personnel training by standardizing equipment with one OEM and integrating Smartboard capabilities and digital signage.


WWT first met with the agency team in charge of the collaborative initiative at their site to better understand the department’s objectives, challenges and end-goals. After better understanding the initiative, WWT recommended the Cisco Video Teleconferencing (VTC) solution. WWT VTC experts then engineered a survey for the agency’s IT services to capture information from individual sites about their video collaboration requirements, current infrastructure and space constraints.

Based on the survey results, WWT recommended the Cisco TelePresence MX300 for small to mid-size rooms and the MX800 for larger conference rooms. To highlight the VTC units’ ease of use, touchpad controllers and real-time video collaboration capabilities, WWT hosted the agency’s IT services and executive representatives at the WWT Advanced Technology Center for a live demo of MX300. WWT also provided a remote demonstration of the MX800 and suggested Cisco MSE 8710 blades to expand the agency’s bridging infrastructure to accommodate and support the new VTC endpoints.

Also incorporated into the final collaborative solution was AppSpace software and Smartboard capabilities. The Smartboard capabilities allow a host to annotate on a slide deck or whiteboard for all teams across the country to see through video and save the annotations on the given platform for later use. The AppSpace software is used to control digital signage throughout any given workspace to better communicate happenings in the workplace.


Armed with information and insight from WWT’s in-depth demonstrations and expert guidance on Cisco VTC solutions, the agency has acquired 192 Cisco VTC units. WWT is using its Integration Technology Center for pre-configuration and logistics prior to deploying the Cisco VTC solutions. This solution will be deployed in two phases and serve as a template for other offices across the country.

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