Fast, automated Windows 10 migrations

Now is the time to migrate to Windows 10 with extended support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020. WWT's Complete Profile Migrator® – known as CPMigrator – helps enterprises refresh and migrate to Windows systems quickly and smoothly, so you can start taking advantage of advanced productivity and security features right away.

Windows 10 migrations made easy

Windows 10 migrations made easy

Ensure seamless migrations to Windows 10 with CPMigrator. Our portable, enterprise-class software solution makes it easy for large organizations to scale and manage the refresh and migration of end-user-based Windows systems independently without disrupting the workforce or operations. 

Listen to our podcast on the importance of migrating to Windows 10 to transform the digital workspace. 

Reduce migration time by up to 50 percent – potentially saving thousands of employee hours and dramatically reducing costs.

Why migrate?

Why migrate?
There are several advantages of migrating to Windows 10 on both the individual user and enterprise-wide levels.

Organizations that continue to use Windows® 7 after January 2020 face several potential consequences.

Reason #1: Security risks 

There will no longer be security patches or fixes for Windows®7, leaving your organization vulnerable to attacks.

Reason #2: Exponential costs 

Organizations will be forced to pay a fee per user for any needed support. January '20 through January '21 Windows Enterprise devices will be charged $50 per device and Windows 7 Pro devices will be charged $100 per device. The following year (January '21 through January '22) prices per device will double to $100 and $200 per device, respectively. 

Reason #3: Empower digital workers

Windows 10 is a key prerequisite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure options, such as VMware's Workspace ONE, which allows employees to work from any app on any device at any location. Therefore, delaying Windows 10 migration means delaying advancement in upgrades to the digital workspace environment.

CPMigrator Core Features

Migrate User Data and Settings

Ability to migrate data inside or outside of the user’s profile.

Install Operating Systems

Install a new Windows client OS in a fraction of the time of traditional OS deployment tools - whether repairing, refreshing or upgrading. 

Re-Install Applications

Install applications on a mandatory or conditional basis based on provided logic, making it easy for customers to reduce manual effort.

Settings Changes

Make nearly any change to the OS in a zero-touch manner - from dynamic domain joins to adding a PC to a SCCM collection.

Tailored to your enterprise

  • CPMigrator ships with configuration options to facilitate in-place upgrades, PC-to-PC and LAN or offline migrations. 
  • Includes support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10, as well as encryption support. 
  • Wipe and deploy PCs, revert to a previous operating system, enable dynamic application installs and migrate printer and network drives. 
  • Allows for end-user scheduled migrations to avoid productivity interruption.
  • Migration templates, plugin support for SCCM, Tanium and Juriba Dashworks, and custom Windows image support are available.

Zero-touch migrations

Provide a truly automated, zero-touch migration path to Windows10. Safely transfer all user profiles and data, including:
  • User personalization settings
  • Microsoft Office configurations
  • Browser data (cookies, favorites, etc.)
  • Mapped drives
  • Networked printers
This extends to general and specified user data, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and familiar applications. This means you can easily migrate without undermining productivity, security or network operations.

CPMigrator has Certificate of Networthiness (CON) from the Department of Defense (DoD).

CPMigrator Package Options

CPMigrator packages come in three forms: Enterprise, Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Complete. All three packages include licenses with 12 months of maintenance and dedicated support services that can be renewed annually. Each package contains a different level of engineering service.

Support services include: 

  • Dedicated Command Center support via 1-800 phone number
  • FAQs
  • Bug fixes and patch releases
  • Support and maintenance of CPMigrator software functionality issues, errors and defects

Does not include engineering services (setup, troubleshooting, configuration, user issues or other non-software-related issues).

Migration strategies

An In-Place migration moves user data from one OS to another on the same PC, from one OS version to another, or from one OS version to a fresh image of the same OS version.

Example: Upgrading a PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
A PC-to-PC migration moves user data from one PC to another. CPMigrator runs on the new system, pulling user data from the old system.

Example: Moving data and settings while applying Windows 10 OS to new system from old system.
Wipe and Deploy vs. Bare Metal
During Wipe and Deploy the target drive is formatted and a fresh OS image is installed. No user data is retained or migrated. Bare metal deployment involves applying an image to a PC from the OEM.
A Two-Part migration is a PC-to-PC migration delivered as two separate CPMigrator sessions. A Two-Part migration is composed of a Data Capture from the existing system and a Date Restore to a new target system.

Example: Saving data and settings to a network share or external storage device and calling that share when ready to migrate.
On-Demand PC-to-PC Migration
An On-Demand migration is a customized step-by-step template configuration in real-time by the end-user as part of the delivery process

Get started with CPMigrator

Recorded Presentation: Watch an overview of the CPMigrator solution and a demonstration of its ability to automate Windows migrations and operating system (OS) deployment. 

Briefing: A scheduled event with a WWT Subject Matter Expert – typically via a live Webex – in which an overview of Windows 10 is provided.

Workshop: Hosted on-site or at WWT over the course of one day to deep dive into the topic(s) of your choosing.

Lab: On-demand, guided demonstration of a client hard refresh, automated Windows deployment and In-Place Windows upgrade using CPMigrator 3.x.