Fast, automated Windows 10 migrations

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With extended support for Windows 7 ending in 2020, it’s never been a better time to migrate to Windows 10. CPMigrator® from WWT helps enterprises refresh and migrate to Windows systems quickly and smoothly, so you can start taking advantage of advanced productivity and security features right away.

Based on past results using CPMigrator, WWT can reduce migration time from up to five hours per device to just an hour or two. Depending on the size of the enterprise, this could save thousands of employee hours and dramatically reduce costs.


Ensure seamless migrations to Windows 10 with CPMigrator from WWT. This portable, enterprise-class software solution makes it easy for organizations of any size to manage the refresh and migration of end-user-based Windows systems independently without disrupting your workforce or operations.


Take full advantage of the expanded capabilities and advanced security features of Windows 10 now, without negatively impacting your Operating System (OS), endpoints or network. CPMigrator safely navigates the sophisticated BIOS and disk edits (UEFI and GPT), hardware chipsets and system-level changes in an automated manner, minimizing user interaction. Customers can quickly capitalize on the expansive benefits and security enhancements Windows 10 provides without the risk and complexity of manual updates.


CPMigrator ships with configuration options to facilitate in-place upgrades, PC-to-PC and LAN or offline migrations. It includes support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 as well as encryption support. CPMigrator can wipe and deploy PCs, revert to a previous operating system, enable dynamic application installs and migrate printer and network drives. CPMigrator can allow for end-user scheduled migrations to avoid productivity interruption. Migration templates, plugin support for SCCM, Tanium and Juriba Dashworks are available, along with custom Windows image support.


CPMigrator packages come in three forms: Enterprise, Enterprise Plus and Enterprise Complete. All three packages include licenses with 12 months of maintenance and support that can be renewed annually. Each package contains a different level of engineering service.

Option #1: CPMigrator Enterprise

  • CPMigrator software
  • No additional services

Option #2: CPMigrator Enterprise Plus

  • CPMigrator customized to your environment
  • Hands-on training
  • Implementation assistance
  • Deployment/migration pilot using actual end users’ PCs

Option #3: CPMigrator Complete

  • All the services of CPMigrator Enterprise Plus
  • End-to-end migration services


CPMigrator can provide a truly automated, zero-touch migration path to Windows 10. It safely transfers all user profiles and data, including:

  • User personalization settings
  • Microsoft Office configurations
  • Browser data (cookies, favorites, etc.)
  • Mapped drives
  • Networked printers

This extends to general and specified user data, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and familiar applications. This means you can migrate easily without undermining productivity, security or network operations.


Building on the value of Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft offers Office 365 to empower mobile workforces and Enterprise Mobility + Security to keep pace with security challenges. Windows 10 migration enables readiness for Modern Desktop, Unified Endpoint Management and Modern VDI. WWT has the people, processes and tools to ensure our customers have the most secure, productive work environment.


  • In-house dedicated development team that commits to quarterly releases and major bug fixes
  • WWT has a dedicated engineering team to deploy CPMigrator
  • Lightweight and portable, no need for installed agents or network infrastructure
  • BIOS/Disk edits without data impact
  • CPMigrator is customizable to meet enterprise customer requirements using various scripts, templates and payloads
  • Provides the ability to revert to previous OS option
  • CPMigrator has Certificate of Networthiness (CON) from the Department of Defense (DoD)

Migration strategies aligned to the most common deployments, including:


  • An In-Place migration moves user data from one OS to another on the same PC; migrate from one OS version to another or a fresh image of the same OS version
  • Upgrading a PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10


  • A PC-to-PC migration moves user data from one PC to another. CPMigrator runs on the new system, pulling user data from the old system
  • Moving data and settings while applying Windows 10 OS to new system from old system

Wipe & Deploy vs. Bare Metal:

  • During Wipe and Deploy the target drive is formatted and a fresh OS image is installed. No user data is retained or migrated
  • Bare metal deployment (apply image to PC from OEM)


  • A Two-Part migration is a PC to PC migration delivered as two separate CPMigrator sessions. A Two-Part migration is composed of a Data Capture from the existing system and a Date Restore to a new target system
  • Saving data and settings to a network share or external storage device and calling that share when ready to migrate

On-Demand PC-to-PC Migration:

  • An On-Demand migration is a customized step-by-step template configuration in real-time by the end-user as part of the delivery process

Leverage Juriba, Tanium, SCCM and other Client Management Tools

  • Go to market directly with Tanium
  • CPMigrator 3.x integration with Juriba Dashworks

Dedicated support services

    • Dedicated Command Center available for product and engineering support via 1-800 number
    • FAQ
    • Bug Fixes/Patch releases
    • Product support and maintenance is limited to resolution of CPMigrator software functionality issues, errors, and defects
    • Product support and maintenance does not include engineering services such as setup, troubleshooting, configuration, user issues, or other non-software related issues

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WWT offers four ways to get started with CPMigrator:

      • Demo: Virtual or 2–4-hour on-site visit using a generic scenario in a virtual lab environment
      • Workshop: 1-day on-site or WWT hosted session to deep dive on the topic(s) of your choosing
      • Paid Proof of concept: 2-5-day on-site visit to customize CPMigrator and migrate client devices in a customer lab environment
      • 30-day trial: Try CPMigrator FREE for 30 days

Get started with CPMigrator

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