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Solution overview

This integration enables the simple and rapid deployment of the industry's most accurate real-time bot traffic protection and mitigation solution. This AWS Service Ready-certified product enables Amazon CloudFront customers to protect their apps with a bot detection solution that leverages rich signal analysis, AI, and human domain expertise, to deliver high efficacy bot mitigation with industry-leading false positive rates.

Bot attacks are difficult to stop. Criminals retool to bypass defenses, rapidly solving CAPTCHAs and mimicking human behavior. Cybercriminals continuously retool bot attacks to quickly overcome commoditized bot protection by bypassing controls frustrating both security teams and your customers. 

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense uses AI to achieve unparalleled long-term efficacy and zero customer friction to stay ahead of bots. Achieve highly effective bot protection based on detailed analysis of devices and behavioral signals that unmasks automation. You gain the advantage of a network effect as the platform adapts to retooling attempts across thousands of the world's most highly trafficked apps. 

As an AWS customer, you get access to our pre-built AWS CloudFront connector for fast and simple deployments. It is now easier than ever to protect your applications from credential stuffing that leads to account takeover, fake accounts, scalpers/inventory hoarding, scraping, and gift card attacks.

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