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Modernizing Applications with VMware

Modernizing Applications with VMware

Modern applications allow organizations to rapidly deliver new digital experiences to their customers. But without the right tools and strategy in place, it can be challenging to transform legacy applications and infrastructure. Our close alignment with VMware, coupled with our DevOps experience and capabilities available in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), help organizations efficiently build, run and manage modern applications while improving the developer experience to deliver software faster.



VMware Solutions and Services


Build Modern Applications

Operate complete DevOps solutions and improve the developer experience.

VMware's approach to building modern applications is intended to be open and highly integrable, supporting open-source and standardized software like Kubernetes. In addition to being one of the largest contributors of Kubernetes, VMware also supports existing and highly utilized development frameworks, tools and languages like .NET, Spring, Node and JavaScript to improve the developer experience. Integration of existing software development lifecycle tools like GitLab and Jenkins, combined with Tanzu components, enable organizations to build complete DevOps solutions. VMware Pivotal Labs helps organizations modernize their applications and upskill their teams simultaneously.

Related VMware Products

Tanzu Application Service

An intrinsically secure, scalable platform that automates the release and operation of software, optimized for Spring, .NET, Go, Node.js, and more. ​

Tanzu Build Service

Automation for creating, managing and governing containers at enterprise scale.

Tanzu Data Services

A bundle of data and messaging services (GemFire, RabbitMQ and SQL) providing an on-demand data layer for real-time, modern apps.

Tanzu Application Catalog

A customizable selection of open source, production-ready containers from the Bitnami collection.


Run Applications Anywhere

Speed up Kubernetes adoption and simplify cloud migration.

A path to modernizing applications and having the ability to host them are equally important. Kubernetes can be challenging and often involves operating two separate environments for old and new applications. VMware's technologies allow for all applications — legacy apps, modern apps and apps in the process of being modernized — to run alongside one another, making Kubernetes easier to stand up and utilize. This provides organizations a predictable and familiar operational model as they progress in their application modernization journey. Additionally, VMware Multicloud, which is supported on major public clouds like AWS and Azure, provides organizations a unified management plane to seamlessly migrate applications to the cloud and leverage a multicloud strategy.

Related VMware Products

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

TKG and TKGi are enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtimes that streamline operations across multi-cloud infrastructures. Formally PKS, BOSH-based TKGi has similar functionality as ClusterAPI-based TKG.  


Kubernetes on vSphere

TKG integrated as a service in vSphere 7 with Kubernetes so you can run and manage your modern apps alongside your existing software.  Access our free, on-demand vSphere and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Fundamentals Lab HERE.

VMware Cloud Foundation

Analogous to infrastructure as code but for VMware productions. Deploy, manage and maintain VMware installations.​Learn more about how WWT can help with your journey to the cloud.

vRealize Automation

Orchestrate common tasks necessary for operating a VMware deployment. Provide portals for requesting those orchestrations as well as governance around them.



Manage Applications Across Clouds

Use and centrally manage and monitor all clouds, clusters and applications.

Manage any Kubernetes-based development platform and monitor any application down to the infrastructure level. Applications can exist wholly in a private cloud, public cloud or span multiple clouds, and can be written in differing frameworks and languages. No matter the combination, VMware's tools enable centralized management within a single control plane. 

Related VMware Products

Tanzu Mission Control 

Centralized management to consistently operate and secure your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern apps across multiple teams and clouds.

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

A single platform for observing and analyzing infrastructure and application health across the multicloud enterprise.​

Tanzu Service Mesh built on NSX 

End-to-end operational networking, visibility and security for micro-services across any runtime and any cloud.

Why WWT for VMware Solutions

Choosing the right products is just the beginning. Strategic implementation, efficient processes and optimization monitoring are important to ensure you're getting the most from your applications. Working closely with VMware, we help customers quickly and seamlessly modernize their applications.

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Tanzu Architecture for VxRail in our ATC

VMware Tanzu, a cloud-native development platform available in the ATC, allows application developers to continually deliver software with self-service capabilities and provision, scale and update applications with no downtime. Tanzu Archtiecture for VxRail consists of Tanzu Application Service with a pre-configured, prescriptive blueprint on vXRails in a NSX-T infrastructure.

Primer Series: Kubernetes on vSphere With Tanzu

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGi) and vSphere with Tanzu are all from VMware. The option to run virtually any other container platform on vSphere exists as well. So what are the differences, dependencies and benefits of each? Read this article to find out!

Primer Series: Kubernetes on vSphere With Tanzu

DevOps Workshop

DevOps methodologies allows teams to improve engineering processes and deliver services with speed, stability and availability. Using the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), the DevOps workshop will provide your team with hands-on experience working with container infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

DevOps Workshop

VMware vSphere and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Fundamentals Lab

WWT has designed this on-demand lab to demonstrate TKG from the viewpoint of a typical developer whose focus lies mainly in deploying and running their application, as well as the VMware administrator whose focus is on the infrastructure and operations that enable and support TKG.

VMware vSphere and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Fundamentals Lab

Container Platforms

Containers make it possible to package up an entire runtime environment into a standard unit of software, while container platforms provide automation and orchestration. This gives applications greater flexibility and the ability to rapidly scale so they can run smoothly and quickly. Learn how our Container Platforms Practice helps organizations enable continuous delivery of value to end users.

Container Platforms
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