Modernizing Applications with VMware

Using the 12-factor app criteria, we help organizations modernize applications so they can enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), mitigate risk and dynamically scale to meet business needs. Our close alignment with VMware products and the capabilities available in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), including Pivotal-Ready Architecture (PRA), will help your organization efficiently build, manage and run applications.

VMware Solutions

Pivotal Application Service (PAS)

PAS is a run-time environment that lets developers develop and manage secure cloud-native apps and software services with speed, scale and automation.

Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

Enables operators to provision, operate and manage enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters using BOSH and Pivotal Ops Manager.

Tanzu Mission Control

Manage Kubernetes clusters across the data center, public cloud or edge to monitor their health, enforce policies and give developers on-demand access to the tools they need.


Real-time monitoring and analytics platform to optimize applications and clouds.

Pivotal-Ready Architecture in our ATC

Pivotal Ready Architecture (PRA), a cloud-native development platform available in the ATC, allows application developers to continually deliver software with self-service capabilities and provision, scale and update applications with no downtime. PRA consists of Pivotal Application Service with a pre-configured, prescriptive blueprint on vXRails in a NSX-T infrastructure. 

How We Can Help

Choosing the right products is just the beginning. Strategic implementation, efficient processes and optimization monitoring are important to ensure you're getting the most from your applications. Working closely with VMware, we help customers quickly and seamlessly modernize their applications.
Build Applications
VMware Related Product: Pivotal Application Service (PAS)

Agile Software Development
Our teams leverage constant customer collaboration — from planning to delivery — to develop solutions that are better than what could have been envisioned at the start of a project.

Application Services Strategic Staffing
We leverage our own deep pool of experienced developers to test, interview and deliver quality consultants that are ready and able to create great business outcomes the moment they walk through the door. We treat our consultants like our own employees, immerse them into our culture and provide them with quick access to our subject matter experts and professional development organization.
Manage Applications
VMware Related Product: Tanzu Mission Control 

Agile Coaching and Technical Mentoring
We work with your team to upskill and mentor, so your organization can continue to be successful as they work on additional transformative projects.

DevOps Services
We help customers use DevOps best practices through strategy consulting, assessments, container platform services, infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, workshops and training classes.

Application Performance Management
We help your team develop an application monitoring strategy, as well as implement and support that strategy so your application maintains its peak performance. 
Run Applications
VMware Related Products: Pivotal Container Service (PKS), vSphere Suite, vRealize Suite, VMware Cloud on AWS and Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple.

ATC Lab Services
Design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions to reduce costs, time and risk.

Consulting Services
Our broad range of expertise can help guide your journey towards modernizing applications.

Infrastructure Services
Our infrastructure experts assess the technology you have today and design the solutions you need for tomorrow.

Pivotal Ready Architecture (PRA) Lab

Pivotal Ready Architecture (PRA) Lab

In the Pivotal Ready Architecture Lab, our experts guide you through the benefits of this reference architecture and how a full stack solution can accelerate your digital transformation. This lab includes all the benefits of a fully deployed instance of PRA, including: 

  • Production-grade Kubernetes
  • Network management and security
  • Validated design and reference architecture
  • Full-stack automation, scale and support
  • Optional lifecycle-managed service
  • Scalable object storage

DevOps Workshop

DevOps Workshop

DevOps methodologies allows teams to improve engineering processes and deliver services with speed, stability and availability. Using the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), the DevOps workshop will provide your team with hands-on experience working with container infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Container Platforms

Container Platforms

Containers make it possible to package up an entire runtime environment into a standard unit of software, while container platforms provide automation and orchestration. This gives applications greater flexibility and the ability to rapidly scale so they can run smoothly and quickly. Learn how our Container Platforms Practice helps organizations enable continuous delivery of value to end users.

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