Pure Storage delivers customers the flexibility of designing “your cloud, your way.” With Pure Storage’s offering of unique capabilities for private, public and hybrid cloud models, we can recommend the most sensible migration strategy and execute an efficient, cost-effective deployment that best suits your business needs.

Pure Storage & WWT: Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Pure Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Pure Storage Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We provide a range of Pure Storage solutions to support our customers' private and hybrid cloud needs. 

Pure as-a-Service™

Experience a true hybrid cloud experience with Pure as-a-Service — a storage-as-a-service (STaaS) platform that combines on-premises and public cloud storage resources into a single data-storage subscription. 

Pure FlashArray™

FlashArray is an all-flash NVMe storage platform that delivers speed, portability and durability to the data center. Pure Storage currently offers two all-flash storage array product lines: FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C. 

Pure FlashBlade®

Modernize your storage with FlashBlade. As an advanced all-flash, unified fast file and object platform, FlashBlade consolidates data silos and accelerates discoveries, innovation and time to market. 

Pure Cloud Block Store™

Cloud Block Store’s architecture is designed to help you easily migrate data between clouds, accelerate DevTest and increase cloud resilience. It also offers cloud storage efficiency through Pure’s data compression, thin provisioning and deduplication.


Portworx provides a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes.


Powered by artificial intelligence and combined with proactive support, Pure1 Meta® helps you deploy new applications, grow your data services to meet your needs and see where your workloads should be running.

Why WWT for Pure Solutions


Lab Public Sector

Cloud Block Store for AWS - Pure Storage

In this lab, users will learn basic AWS principles and get an overview of Pure Cloud Block Store (CBS).
Lab Cloud Data Management

Pure Storage FlashArray //X Lab

The FlashArray //X Series is the Pure Storage primary all flash, NVMe offering. This lab is intended to give users experience with the Purity operating system via both HTML 5 Web Interface and the Purity CLI on real hardware in the WWT ATC.
Lab Primary Storage

Pure Storage FlashArray //C60 - Purity 6.0 Lab

Pure Storage FlashArray //C lets you consolidate workloads and simplify storage with consistent all-flash performance at a lower TCO over hybrid storage. This lab consists of Pure's capacity-optimized array offering in FlashArray //C running Purity 6.0.

Pure Storage FlashBlade

The Pure Storage Flashblade is an elastic scale out file and object, all flash storage solution that gives customers an advanced data hub approach to managing their data. WWT has partnered with Pure Storage to provide this lab giving access to the Purity operating environment on Flashblade Hardware in the Advanced Technology Center.
Lab Infrastructure Automation

Pure Storage Pure1 Manage and VM Analytics Lab

Helping customers modernize their environment and giving them access to experience next generation data center tools as they evaluate solutions in the WWT Advanced Technology Center has been at the front of WWT's go to market since we started the ATC. Pure Storage Pure1®, with its cloud-connected capabilities, has to lead the way in enabling IT teams to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and respond faster to business needs. This lab will explore Pure1 and also give users access to Pure's innovative approach to gaining end to end knowledge of a VMware environment from the Virtual Machine back to the storage it lives on. VM Analytics is a new free software deployment from Pure Storage that works as part of the Pure1 Management Suite of software. The base version is now available and can be experienced in WWT's ATC.

Workshops & Trainings

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Workshop Cloud Migration
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Workshop Dell/EMC Storage

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Workshop

Our Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Workshop is a strategic and interactive session focused on helping customers understand the differences between HCI vendors. The workshop exercises allow customers to build custom evaluations that reflect different vendor's abilities to meet requirements.

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