WWT ACI University for Professional Services Solutions Engineers

World Wide Technology and Cisco partner to create ACI University, a 12-week intensive training program for engineers.

Oct 26, 2015 3 minute read

Cisco’s Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) requires a unique skillset for deployment, combining data center, networking and services skills that very few companies possess.

ACI is complex and unlike any traditional networking model, so WWT and Cisco partnered to create ACI University, a 12-week intensive training program for engineers through WWT’s Professional Services University to serve our joint customers.

WWT Technical Solutions Architect Joe Weber also commented, “This training course is WWT’s initial step toward educating our solutions engineers on the many facets of ACI, and through this education, accelerating deployment time of ACI solutions for our customers.”

Nine engineers, out of 30 applicants, were chosen to be the first participants of the program after extensive interviews with WWT.

About the curriculum

ACI University’s 12-week program offers a deep dive into various software-defined networking topics, providing extensive knowledge share around ACI. The program focused on ACI design, implementation, troubleshooting and automation. Resources internal to WWT as well as external contributed to the curriculum and content of the program, which also included mentored installations at customer sites.

Each engineer was required to spend two weeks of lab time building complex real-world customer solutions based on previous WWT customer experiences and proof-of-concepts, as well as time spent shadowing Cisco Advanced Services during installations in the field.

“The investment WWT is making in ACI training is allowing us to really get a hold of this technology in such a way that we can expertly deploy it for our customers and create adoption of ACI in the marketplace,” remarked Joe Ploehn, a WWT Consulting Engineer and recent ACI University graduate.

Ploehn continued, “This is a huge differentiator for WWT. We will be able to expertly consult, integrate and deploy ACI solutions for customers unlike any other competitor in the marketplace.

Accelerated ACI deployment

As a result of graduating its nine engineers from the ACI University program, WWT can  offer its customers an accelerated ACI deployment timeline. A proposed project timeline would include:

  • WWT ACI Introduction Course
  • WWT ACI Design Services
  • WWT ACI Jumpstart Service
  • WWT Advanced ACI Services:
    • L4-7 Integration
    • vCloud Director Integration

In addition to its ACI deployment services, WWT also offers the following types of ACI engagements: proof-of-concepts, lab as a service (LaaS), advisory services and SME engagements.

A team effort

WWT would like to congratulate its inaugural class of ACI University graduates, and give recognition and thanks to all the contributors to the development of ACI University and its trainers for their time and dedication to the program.

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