Customer Care from Anywhere

The necessity of moving customer service agents out of centralized locations created serious challenges for many organizations. It also underscored how difficult it is to deliver a positive customer experience when we had to focus simply on continuing operations. As organizations adapt to a new normal, IT decision-makers are presented with an opportunity to take a fresh look at their existing technology investments. Learn about solutions that will create better experiences for call center agents and customers, regardless of circumstance.

Quickly deploy your call center solution

Work with WWT for a cloud-native omnichannel solution that supports up to 1,000 agents and deploys in only five days.

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Apps to Enhance the Customer Experience

See how WWT’s digital strategy and app development teams work with organizations to create amazing customer experiences.

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Where should you host your contact center?

Consider the many factors that play into determining the best approach to host your contact center. 

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Actionable Data to Improve Performance

Improve call handling and customer satisfaction with reports that deliver metrics your organization can act on, no matter where agents are located.

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An illustration of the steps a contact center can take to resolve an an unforeseen event.


Implement the tools that provide your customers outstanding service

What can omnichannel look like in real life when you choose technologies that can send proactive and personalized messages to customers and schedule agents for spikes in customer inquiries?

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Simplify your call center platform upgrade

WWT enabled the integration of new call center platform with proprietary, legacy application to enhance customer experience. The upgrade provides the option to add functionality and touch points to the distributor’s system in the future, enabling even better data collection, sales and customer satisfaction.


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