Modern Infrastructure and Applications with the power of WWT and VMWare

Tanzu Platform Accelerator

Tanzu Platform Accelerator


In today's competitive digital market, customer gratification is key to winning and retaining your customer base. Transforming how you build and run your applications in a multi-cloud environment are crucial to enabling the transformation of business outcomes.


To answer these challenges WWT and VMware Tanzu have partnered to enable development teams to innovate, infrastructure teams to provide a secure and compliant platform, and business staff to drive customer value quickly. You can take your IT teams from cost-centers to product teams through self-service automation, secure workflows, multi-cloud architecture, and modernization of business-critical software.


Transformation at an enterprise scale is complex, but with WWT, you can accelerate the pace of change. Rethink how your business operates and turn it into a next‑generation enterprise. Our flagship offering, the Tanzu platform accelerator, is designed to provide value within weeks by driving speed and stability into your software development and operations processes.


Value Focused Transformation

  • 82% increase in software production
  • 37% increase in developer productivity
  • 78% increase in operational efficiency
  • 93% increase in scaling the platform
  • 92% less time to patch operating systems

Service Benefits

DevOps Driven focus on installation and adoption of Tanzu Platform as a Product for your business

WWT lead co-development team paired with your team to foster growth and upskilling

Automation and documentation for repeatability and safety

A controlled environment with WWT Experts to develop DevOps, Lean and Agile Methodologies for your organization

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