Choose the best type of flash-based storage system for your specific workload requirements

Our enterprise storage experts provide education and expertise to commercial enterprises and public sector organizations to solve data recovery and management challenges. From all-flash arrays (AFA) to host-based flash solutions, we look to help organizations choose the best type of flash-based storage system for their specific workload requirements.

WWT delivers expert insight into selecting and deploying the right flash-based solutions for any given application. Using a unique Flashpod environment within our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we enable organizations to compare and test technologies from multiple vendors to eliminate the guesswork of how systems will perform. Our approach begins by exploring the needs of our customer and creating a clear roadmap of what to expect while working with WWT, thereby ensuring the success of your overall flash storage project.

Additional capabilities include solution demonstration, proof of concept or client-specific designs.

Our solution-based, holistic approach leverages best-of-breed technology based on business objectives and existing infrastructure.