Western Digital ActiveScale

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Solution Overview
ActiveScale is Western Digital's object storage solution which comes in two starting form factors, the X100 (full rack) form factor and the P100 which is approximately 1/3 of a rack. Both can be expanded to scale out or scale up as long as they are expanded by the original implementation form factor size (X or P form factor). As such it only comes in these form factors (not software defined) and has the ability to scale both up and out. ActiveScale itself is made up of front end nodes and back-end storage nodes. 

Object (Cloud) Storage is quickly becoming the next generation of NAS with important differences such as:
  • More cost effective
  • Ability to share content in a global namespace
  • Ability to have customer Meta Data Tags
  • Much higher resiliency and durability than traditional POSIX deployed NAS
  • Much easier to scale and manage than "traditional" NAS
  • Easier to deploy and consume, with users accessing via a key/name pair and the S3 API interface

ActiveScale Differentiators:
  • Integrated NFS gateway support (not bi-modal)
  • Cost effective
  • Consumption model support

Labs are currently unavailable, but our technicians are on it. Please check back soon. Latest Status Updates.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab explore the management UI to discover how to create users and buckets as well as set over-arching policy (such as encryption) and erasure coding schema. Perform performance tests using COSbench to prove out 4GB/s ingest rates. See how ActiveScale integrates with Veeam and other back-up products to provide immediate value to the enterprise.

WAN emulation can be inserted into this environment so that during customer Proof of Concepts (POCs) the environment can closely mimic the customer's own production environment so that application and end user experience can properly be evaluated. 

Hardware & Software

In the WWT Object Lab we have 3 each P100's in an emulated 3 site configuration to form a storage cloud.